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Belgrade Serbia

Sarajevo to Belgrade, what is the best way to travel?

The best way and how to travel from Sarajevo to Belgrade and vice versa. Consider either flight, bus, private transfer or a guided tour.
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Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the Balkans (Latest News: 31/03/20)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the Balkans. Latest News on Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Greece and Albania.
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Fruska Gora Vineyards

THE 6 BEST Things to do in Vojvodina & Novi Sad

Visit Northern Serbia and explore the best of Vojvodina and Fruška Gora National Park.
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Watch Romesh Ranganathan and Skender Hatibović having great time exploring Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan: Bosnia & Herzegovina

Watch Romesh Ranganathan on his Misadventure trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Altogether with Skender from Sarajevo Funky Tours, Rom is checking up how is skiing at Jahorina, is Sarajevo the real European Jerusalem, and see him jump from the Old...
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Mostar Old Bridge and Old Town with Neretva River

17 Reasons to Visit Mostar & Herzegovina

One of the most interesting regions of this beautiful country, is Herzegovina region – Bosnian Tuscany, and its capital, Mostar. In this article we will give you 17 most important reasons why to visit Mostar and Herzegovina region and how...
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Sarajevo Olympic Bobsled Graffiti

9 Most Interesting Abandoned Places in Sarajevo

Just by looking on abandoned buildings in Sarajevo, I actually never thought what was there before? Why are they still ruins? What is with reconstruction? On the other hand walls are hiding mystery which calls you to explore it. But...
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